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competence error
The learner does not know how to use it yet
performance mistake
The learner disobeyed or forgot a rule
linguistic error
Problems with accuracy, grammar, lexis
sociolinguistic error
Appropriacy or pragmatics
systematic error
A reccuring error
incidental error
One-off or isolated
global error
Affects comprehension, organization or entire meaning
local error
Affects only particular element or phrase
overt error
Impairs understanding, quite noticable
covert error
Difficult to spot because context can hide it
interlingual error
An error made because of interference from an L1 idea
intralingual error
Overgeneralizing a L2 rule
receptive error
Learner doesn't hear or record it correctly
An error that has become habitual to a point that it integrated with a learner's interlanguage
productive error
Learner doesn't use it properly
I am agree / I was worked yesterday
I want study / He is teacher
He wins a large salary / I lost my road
Every time I work hard / He to the shop went