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Tests the content it is supposed to test
Scores reflect student ability consistently, regardless of when written
content validity
A representitive sample of necessary skills that are important to the course. Gives positive backwash
criterion-related validity
Results will agree with other independent tests
construct validity
Measures intended ability or trait (underlying) as questions correlate with skills
face validity
From learners point of view, it measures what it is expected to
achievement test
Evaluates content that has been recently taught
proficiency test
Evaluates skill level independent of any course of study
diagnostic test
Identifies strengths & weaknesses at beginning to design a course
placement test
Determines student level before a course
The effects that an exam has on teaching prior to the test
direct testing
Tests exactly the abilities you want to assess
indirect testing
Tests underlying skills through other methods (m/c for writing)
discrete point testing
Tests only one element in isolation from others
integrative testing
Tests multiple skills simultaneously
norm-referenced testing
Scored based on performance of other test-takers
criterion-referenced testing
Scored individually, based on a predetermined skill set
objective testing
Scored without judgment
subjective testing
Scored by decision and interpretation of criteria
positive backwash
Tests directly, based on objectives, without being predictable. Criterion-referenced and only tests skills that should be encouraged