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a short form of a word
one of two or more things that you can choose between
symbol used in writing to show when a ​letter or a ​number has been left out
used to separate two or more words from other sentence and put them in group
capital letter
​letter of the ​alphabet in the ​form and ​larger ​size that is used at the beginning of sentences and names
symbol : used in writing, ​especially to ​introduce a ​list of things or a ​sentence or phrase taken from ​somewhere ​else
the ​symbol , used in writing to ​separate ​parts of a ​sentence ​showing a ​slight ​pause, or to ​separate the ​single things in a ​list
connect sth
put two or more things together (SYN join sth)
the ​symbol – used to ​separate ​parts of a ​sentence
small pieces of information about sth
divide sth
keep people of things away from each other (SYN separate sb/sth)
full stop
the ​symbol . used in writing at the end of a ​sentence or at the end of the ​short ​form of a word
the ​symbol - used to ​join two words together or to show that a word has been ​divided into two ​parts
instead of sth
in the place of sth
interrupt sth
occur in the middle of sth and stop it continuing
join sth
put two or more things together (SYN connect sth)
leave sth out
don't include sth (SYN omit sth)
any of the set of ​symbols used to write a ​language
used to introduce an example (SYN such as)
a series of names, items, or numbers
a written or printed symbol
omit sth
don't include sth (SYN leave sth out)
a short period of time when sb stops talking
question mark
the ​symbol ? used in writing at the end of a phrase or ​sentence to show that it is a ​question
quotation marks
symbols “ ” or ‘ ’ that are put around a word or phrase to show that someone ​else has written or said it
the ​symbol ; used in writing between two ​parts of a ​sentence
separate sth
keep people or things away from each other (SYN divide sb/sth)
shopping list
list of things to buy
the ​symbol / used in writing to ​separate ​letters, ​numbers, or words
small letters
letters of small size (OPP capital letters)
such as
used to introduce an example (SYN like)