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Daily life: Problems and Accidents

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something ​bad that ​happens that is not ​expected or ​intended and that often ​damages something or ​injures someone
a ​special ​vehicle used to take ​sick or ​injured ​people to ​hospital
avoid sth
stay away from sth
be stuck
be unable to move easily (SYN get stuck)
block a road
make it difficult for anything to pass
break down
stop working
business trip
a journey for business purpose
cancel sth
decide that sth that has been planned will not happen
collide with sth
hit sth very hard while moving (SYN crash into sth)
connecting flight
a flight that leaves soon after another one arrives
crash into sth
hit sth very hard while moving (SYN collide with sth)
day return
a ticket to travel to a place and back again on the same day
day trip
a journey for one day
be delayed
sth caused you to be late (SYN be held up)
expected to arrive or happen
emergency services
the police, ambulance, and fire services
end up
find yourself in a place or situation you didn't plan
get in
(usually of train or coach) arrive
get stuck
be unable to move easily (SYN be stuck)
heavy traffic
a lot of cars on the road at a particular time
be held up
sth caused you to be late (SYN be delayed)
hire a car
pay to use a car for a short time (SYN rent a car)
hurt physically
a part of a wide road marked by painted white lines
meant to do sth
sb have been asked to do sth
an experience that is very unpleasant
happen, especially in a way that has not been planned
on my way
during travelling somewhere
the outer part of a town or city
for one night
pick sb up
go to a place and collect sb (usually in a car)
rent a car
pay to use a car for a short time (SYN hire a car)
rush hour
the time when a lat of people are travilling to and from work
serious accident
a bad or dangerous accident
suddenly move forwards or sideways without any control
stop off
stop during a journey to do sth
traffic jam
a long line of cars moving very slowly
a journey to a place and back again
a situation that causes a problem
turn up
arrive or appear (often used in the negative)
acceptable and able to be used
a medium-sized ​road ​vehicle, used ​especially for ​carrying ​goods, that often has no ​windows in the ​sides at the back
a car, bike, bus, or lorry
information that sth bad my happen
the route or direction that you need to take to get somewhere