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Daily life: Diets and cooking

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add sth
put sth together with sth else
bad diet
too much of the wrong food
bad for you
bad for health (SYN unhealthy)
bake sth
cook sth in the oven without oil or fat (with oil and fat = roast)
balanced diet
all the right food the body needs
boil sth
cook sth in water, usually in a saucepan
to cut sth in the pieces with axe or knife
cut down
decrease consumption of sth
the food person eats
a container for serving food at the table (it is lager than a plate)
physical ​activity that you do to make ​your ​body ​strong and ​healthy
food which quickly make you fatter
fizzy drink
a drink containing small bubbles of gas
fry sth
cook sth in oil, usualy in a frying pan
go on a diet
preserve limitations on what you eat
good for you
good for health (SYN healthy)
the food items you need to have to make sth to eat
junk food
food which is not good for you
keep sth up
continue doing sth
lose weight
decrease you body weight
to ​crush ​food, so that it ​forms a ​soft ​mass
having been ​cut up into very ​small ​pieces
to ​remove the ​skin of ​fruit and ​vegetables
plenty of sth
as much of sth as you need
put on weight
increase you body weight
a set of instructions for cooking sth
cook sth in the oven with oil or fat (without = bake)
a small amount of food usually eaten between meals
to ​mix a ​liquid or other ​substance by ​moving an ​object such as a ​spoon in a ​circular ​pattern
bad for health (SYN bad for you)
waste of money
useless spending of money
waste of time
a bad use of your time
good for health (SYN good for you)