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from a country that is not your own
general meaning but not all the details
the written part of the book, newspaper, etc
recognize sb/sth
know who sb is or what sth is because you've seen or heard them before
go through sth
read sth carefully from beginning to end
identify sth
recognize sth and decide what it is
guess sth
give an answer to sth without being sure of the facts
the words before and after the new word or phrase that help you understand the meaning
keep a record of sth
write sth down to help you remember it
make a note of sth
write sth down quickly to help you remember it
the way words are used together in sentence
a text that has been changed from one language into another
used in situations that are serious or that involve people we don't know well
more commonly used in situations that are more relaxed and involve people we know well
person from an other country
a talk between two or more people
have a chat with sb
friendly informal conversation
discussion about sth
is when we talk about sth seriously
a discussion in which people disagree, often angrily
repeat sth
say sth again
explain sth
make sth clear and easy to understand
pronounce sth
make the sound of a word or letter
a time when it's possible to do sth that you want to do
experiment with sth
try sth to see what result it has
make mistakes
do sth in a wrong way
revise sth
study sth again
a way of doing sth
get or have the result you want
the act of doing or saying sth again
the ​details or ​reasons that someone gives to make something ​clear or ​easy to ​understand
a time when it's possible to do sth that you want to do (not an opportunity)
do revision
a process of study sth again