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過去 7 - 疑問

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was the house too expensive?
房子太貴了嗎? (過去式)
was my dog in your garden yesterday?
我的狗昨天在你的花園嗎? (過去式)
could you go to the cinema?
你可以去電影院嗎? (過去式)
did he work in the United States?
他有在美國工作嗎? (過去式)
did you show your passport in the airport?
你有在機場出示護照嗎? (過去式)
did they see the mountains?
他們有看見山嗎? (過去式)
when were you in the park?
你什麼時候在公園? (過去式)
where were you guys last night?
昨天晚上你們在哪裡? (過去式)
what did you eat today?
今天你吃了什麼? (過去式)
when could he be at home?
他什麼時候能到家? (過去式)
where did your brother go last year?
去年你哥哥去哪裡? (過去式)
what did you give your boyfriend?
你給了你男朋友什麼? (過去式)
when did you visit your grandma?
你什麼時候去看了你的奶奶? (過去式)
what could I do?
我能做什麼? (過去式)
when were your friends on TV?
你的朋友什麼時候上電視? (過去式)
what could he do?
他能做什麼? (過去式)