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Unit 4 - Party

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clear up
you do this after a party to make everything clean and tidy again
get down to something
decide to focus on doing some work
wear something out
use something so much that it becomes old and unusable
get over something
when you recover or get better from an illness
look into something
investigate or research
fancy dress
when you dress for a party to look like someone else
throw a party
be the host
dress up as someone
pretend to be a different person
a parade
a large public procession, usually including a marching band and often of a festive nature, held in honor of an anniversary
a bonfire
a big outdoor fire that is not an accident
join in something
dress up
put special clothes on
dress something up
put special clothes on something like a mannequin
keep something up
continue at the same speed
go off
burn down
destroy with fire
put something on
organise an event such as a party
a procession
a group of people or cars that move together slowly such as for a funeral
make something clear
say something in a way that can be understood
do some exercise
sports or activities to keep fit