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in black and white
in written or printed form
here and there
in several different places
in leaps and bounds
when something improves very quickly or increases a lot
every now and then
sometimes, but not regularly or very often
pick and choose something
to choose the things you prefer, rather than accepting what you are given
her heart is in the right place
when someone tries to do good things even though it does not always seem like this
keep your head above water
to manage to live or keep a business working even though you are not earning much money
have your hands full
to be extremely busy
land on your feet
to be lucky and get into a good situation after being in a difficult one
up to your neck in something
to be very busy with something, often in a negative way
up in arms
angry and complaining about something
down in the dumps
feeling unhappy
be in two minds about something
having difficulty making a decision
be over the moon about something
very happy about something
in stitches
laughing a lot
under the weather
not feeling very well