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Unit 10 - Childhood

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white lies
you tell these to help avoid awkward truths
clumsy or a little difficult
martial arts
sports that include judo, karate, tai chi
pushy parents
mums and dads that do everything to make their children succeed
similar to an interview for a job but you do this to show your singing, acting or musical ability
tuck you in
when your parents come and say good night and make sure you are comfortable in bed
tell you off
your parents might do this if you do something wrong
tidy up
put things away in their proper place
yell at you
when someone shouts because you do something wrong
care for you
look after you when you are sick, very young or very old
bring you up
when someone looks after you, feeds you, sends you to school until you are an adult
Look before you leap.
Unless you consider something carefully, you might fail.
When the cat's away the mice will play.
If the boss is away nobody will do any work
Easy come, easy go.
If you get something easily, you are not sorry to lose it.
Once bitten, twice shy.
If you fail the first time, you might not want to try again.