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to imagine e.k
el tudod képzelni
can you imagine (e t k)
rolling (shooting a film) f
shooting a film f f
egy filmforgatásért
for shooting (appearing in) a film ( e f.f.é
mi a helyzet azzal a problémakkal
what about those problems (m a h a a p)
ehhez társuló
associated (connected to it) ( e t)
to mean (to denote) j
X azt jelenti, hogy
X means that.... (x a j, h)
felismer vmit
to recognize sg f.i v
artistic photographer f.m
a király fotósa
the king's photographer (a k f)
a híres emberek fotósai
the photographers of famous people (a h e f)
mindig követnek
they are always following (you) (m k)
a házad előtt varnak
they wait in front of your house (a h e v)