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Sematics and pragmatics

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meanings of word, both on their own and in relation to other words in the text
pragmatic meaning
the suggested meaning that a word/phrase gives. What we really mean by what we say or write in a given context
Speech Act Theory
locution (literal sense), illocution (implied meaning), perlocution (perceived meaning)
literal sense
implied meaning
perceived meaning
describing a word with more than one meaning (e.g. 'set' can refer to a set of cutlery a tennis set and what happens to jelly
two or more words that are often found together in a group or phrase with a distinct meaning
the associated meanings we often have with certain words depending on the person reading or hearing the word and on the context in which the word appears
pragmatic failure
where the meaning that is implied is not the meaning that is understood by the reader/listener
co-operative principle
the assumption that the reader/listener understands exactly what the writer/speaker means