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Essential word 8 - جملات و كلمات کاربردی

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What are you doing?
چکار داری می کنی؟
What are you thinking about?
به چی فکر می کنی؟
Where are you going?
کجا داری میری؟
Come in please
بفرمایید داخل لطفا
What day is it today?
امروز چندشنبه است؟
It' not important
مهم نیست
No problem
مساله ای نیست
Never mind
اهمیت نده
He is very cute
خیلی جذابه
She is his wife
او زنشه
He is her husband
او شوهرشه
Who is that guy?
اون یارو کیه؟
Don't make noise
سر و صدا نکنید