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to set up, to set, to place, to appoint
iċ āsette
I place
iċ āsette
I placed
þū āsetest
you place
þū āssettest
you placed
hē āseteþ
he places
hē āsette
he placed
wē āsettaþ
we place
wē āsetton
we placed
to come
to know how to
to drive, to force, to push, to drive back
iċ drīfe
I drive
iċ drāf
I drove
þū drīfest
you drive
þū drife
you drove
hēo drīfeþ
she drives
hēo drāf
she drove
ġē drīfaþ
y'all drive
ġē drifon
y'all drove
to hear, to obey, to follow
iċ hīere
I hear
ic hīerde
I heard
þū hīerest
you hear
þū hīerdest
you heard
hit hīerþ
it hears
hit hīerde
it heard
hīe hīeraþ
they hear
hīe hīerdon
they heard
to write, to inscribe
iċ wrīte
I write
iċ wrāt
I wrote
þū wrītst
you write
þū write
you wrote
hē wrīteþ
he writes
hē wrāt
he wrote
wē wrītaþ
we write
wē writon
we wrote