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to love, to cherish
iċ lufie
I love
iċ lufiġe
I love
iċ lufode
I loved
þū lufast
you love
þū lufodest
you loved
hē lufaþ
he loves
hēo lufode
she loved
wē lufiaþ
we love
ġē lufiġaþ
y'all love
hīo lufodon
they loved
to look
iċ lōcie
I look
iċ lōciġe
I look
iċ lōcode
I looked
þū lōcast
you look
þū lōcodest
you looked
hit lōcaþ
it looks
hē lōcode
he looked
ġit lōciaþ
you two look
hīo lōciġaþ
they look
wit lōcodon
we two looked