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to do, accomplish, carry out, perform
iċ fremme
I do
iċ fremede
I did
þū fremest
you do
þū fremedest
you did
hē fremeþ
he does
hēo fremede
she did
git fremmaþ
you two do
gē fremedon
y'all did
to save
iċ nerie
I save
iċ neriġe
I save
iċ nerede
I saved
þū nerest
you save
þū neredest
you saved
hit nereþ
it saves
hē neredest
he saved
hīe neriaþ
they save
hīe neredon
they saved
to hear, to obey, to follow
iċ hīere
I hear
iċ hīerde
I heard
þū hīerest
you hear
þū hīerst
you hear
þū hīerdest
you heard
hēo hīerþ
she hears
hit hīerde
it heard
wē hīeraþ
we hear
wit hīerdon
we two heard