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to have, to hold
iċ hæbbe
I have, I hold
iċ hæfde
I had, I held
þū hæfst
you have, you hold
þū hafast
you have, you hold
þū hæfdest
you had, you held
hē hæfþ
he has, he holds
hēo hafaþ
she has, she holds
hit hæfde
it had, it held
wē habbaþ
we have, we hold
wit hæfdon
we two had, we two held
to live
iċ libbe
I live
iċ lifġe
I live
iċ lifde
I lived
þū leofast
you live
þū lifast
you live
þū lifdest
you lived
hēo leofaþ
she lives
hit lifaþ
it lives
hē lifde
he lived
gē libbaþ
y'all live
ġit lifdon
you two lived
to tell, to say
iċ secge
I say, I tell
iċ sæġde
I said, I told
þū sæġst
you say, you tell
þū sagast
you say, you tell
þū sæġdest
you said, you told
hit sæġþ
it says, it tells
hē seġþ
he says, he tells
hēo sæġde
she said, she told
hīe secgaþ
they say, they tell
hīe sæġdon
they said, they told
to think, to plan, to consider
iċ hycge
I think, I plan
iċ hogode
I thought, I planned
þū hyġst
you think, you plan
þū hogast
you think, you plan
hē hyġþ
he thinks, he plans
hēo hogaþ
she thinks, she plans
hit hogode
it thought, it planned
wē hycgaþ
we think, we plan
wit hogodon
we two thought, we two planned