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to be
iċ eom
I am
iċ bēo
I will be
iċ wæs
I was
þū eart
you are
þū bist
you will be
þū wǣre
you were
hē is
he is
hēo biþ
she will be
hit wæs
it was
wē sindon
we are
ġe bēoþ
y'all will be
hīe wǣron
they were
to do, to make, to take
iċ dō
I do, make, take
iċ dyde
I did, made, took
þū dēst
you do, make, take
þū dydest
you did, made, took
hēo dēþ
she does, makes, takes
hit dyde
it did, made, took
ġē dōþ
y'all do, make, take
wē dydon
we did, made, took
to go, to walk
iċ gā
I go, I walk
iċ ēode
I went, I walked
þū gǣst
you go, you walk
þū ēodest
you went, you walked
hē gǣþ
he goes, he walks
hēo ēode
she went, she walked
wē gāþ
we go, we walk
wit ēodon
we two went, we two walked
to want, to wish, to desire
iċ wille
I will, I want
iċ wolde
I would, I wanted
þū wilt
you will, you want
þū woldest
you would, you wanted
hit wile
it will, it wants
hē wolde
he would, he wanted
ġē wilaþ
y'all will, y'all want
ġit woldon
you two would, you two wanted