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Art and Intellectual Movements III

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identified with the court of Louis XVI
lighter elements and more curves and natural patterns than baroque style; highly decorative; more intimate settings; many works focused on playful scenes of the aristocracy and bourgeoisie
Antoine Watteau
**Rococo Painter** painted "Pilgrimage to Cythera"
"Rococo Painter** painted "The Swing"
sought a return to the artistic styles of ancient Rome, Greek ideals, and the Renaissance
Neoclassicism (approximate time)
Jacques-Louis David
** Neoclassicist** painted "Death of Socrates" and numerous works glorifying the French Revolution
Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven
**Neoclassicists** (3) moved away from dense baroque textures of Bach and Handel. simple, tuneful melodies and clearer forms; the ~symphony~ developed as an important genre