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Section 54: Giving Presents 2

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ma grand-mère ne veut rien mais je dois lui acheter un cadeau
my grandma doesn't want anything but I have to buy her a present
je dois lui donner quelque chose mais je ne sais pas quoi
I have to give her something but I don't know what
pour toi
for you
pour lui, pour elle
for him, for her
est-ce que c'est pour toi ?
is that for you?
est-ce que c'est pour lui ?
is that for him?
je ne veux rien manger aujourd'hui
I don't want to eat anything today
il ne veut rien lui donner
he doesn't want to give her anything
il doit lui acheter quelque chose
he has to buy her something
nous devons leur donner quelque chose à boire
we have to give them something to drink