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which (before masc. sing. nouns)
which (before fem. sing. nouns)
la ville
the city
to visit
quelle ville devrions-nous visiter ?
which city should we visit?
le pays
the country
quel pays devrions-nous visiter ?
which country should we visit?
le visa
the visa
la carte d'embarquement
the boarding pass
le passeport
the passport
le billet
the ticket
nous devons acheter un billet
we have to buy a ticket
tu dois avoir un billet et un visa
you have to have a ticket and a visa
to travel
nous devons avoir une carte d'embarquement et un visa
we have to have a boarding pass and a visa
le train
the train
the airport
to show
tu dois montrer ton passeport à l'aéroport
you have to show your passport at the airport
tu dois montrer ton billet dans le train
you have to show your ticket in the train
le bus
the bus
to take
ils doivent aller à l'aéroport
they have to go to the airport
nous devons prendre un taxi
we have to take a taxi
ils doivent toujours prendre le bus
they always have to take the bus
la valise
the suitcase
mon bagage est trop lourd
my luggage is too heavy
en fait mon bagage est vraiment léger
actually my luggage is really light
quel musée devrions-nous visiter ?
which museum should we visit?
il doit avoir un passeport et un billet
he has to have a passport and a ticket
elle doit montrer son visa à l'aéroport
she has to show her visa at the airport
je dois toujours prendre le train
I always have to take the train
ton bagage est très léger
your luggage is very light
sa valise est trop lourde
his suitcase is too heavy