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Asking how someone is

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Abrabɔ mu te sɛn?
How's life?
Me ho yɛ.
I'm fine.
Ɛnyɛ bɔne koraa.
Not too bad.
Ɛnyɛ koraa
Not so well
Wo nsoɛ?
And you?
Deɛn na woreyɛ?
What are you up to?
Adwumayɛ nkoaa
Working a lot
Adesua nkoaa
Studying a lot
Na menni adagyeɛ koraa
I've been very busy
Ɛnyɛ bebree
Not much
Mefiri Kumasi rebaa ara nie
I've just come back from Kumasi
Wowɔ he?
Where are you?
Mewɔ fie
I'm at home
Mewɔ adwuma mu
I'm at work
Mewɔ kurom
I'm in town
Mewɔ Kumasi
I'm in Kumasi