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Unit 26 - Phrasal Verbs

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centre around
if something centres around someone or something, or you centre something around them, they are its main subject of attention or interest
get into
start enjoying something or become enthusiastic about it; if a train, plane, etc gets into a place, it arrives there; become involved in a bad situation
go in for
enjoy a particular thing or activity; choose somehting as a subject of study or as your career
go off
stop liking someone or something; explode or be fired; leave a place, especially for a particular purpose; if food or drink goes off, it is not longer fresh
grow on
if something or someone grows on you, you start to like them more
hang out
spend time in a particular place or with particular people; lean out of a window so that the top part of your body is outside
keep up
continue to do something; move at the same speed as someone or something
laze around
relax and enjoy yourself, doing no work
mess about/around
spend time doing things in a relaxed way; behave in a silly way
pick up
learn a new skill or start a habit without intending to; go and meet someone or something that you have arranged to take somewhere in a vehicle
put in
spend a particular amount of time doing something, or make a particular amount of effort in order to do something
seek out
find someone or something by looking for them in a determined way
take in
include something
take off
have a particular amount of time away from work; become successful or popular very fast
take out
take someone to a place like a cinema or a restaurant and usually pay for them
warm up
prepare for a sport or activity by doing gentle exercises or practising just before it starts