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Unit 24 - Phrasal Verbs

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answer back
reply rudely to someone who has more authority than you
ask out
invite someone to go with you to a cinema, restaurant, etc becuase you want to start a romantic or sexual relationship with them
break up
if two people break up, they end their relationship; break something to make smaller pieces; if a meeting or other event breaks up, or if you break it up, it ends and people leave
bring out
make someone or something show a quality that they have; produce a new product and start to sell it
bring together
create a situation in which people meet and do something together, especially when they would not usually do so
bump into
meet someone unexpectedly; accidentally hit against something
cancel out
stop something from having any effect
come between
cause a disagreement or argument between people
crowd around
move to a particular place at the same time as a lot of other people
go together
if two or more things go together, they frequently exist together; if two things go together, they seem good, natural or attractive in combination with each other
meet up
come together with someone, either unexpectedly or as planned
open up
talk more about your personal feelings and experiences; open a locked door, container or building; make it easier to travel or do business in a country
pick on
keep treating someone badly or unfairly, especially by criticising them
sound out
try to find out someone's opinions, ideas, feelings, etc by talking to them
take after
look or behave like an older relativebe similar to sb / sth
take to
begin to like someone or something; start doing something as a habit