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Unit 22 - The Arts

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1. (adj) abstract art expresses the artist's ideas or feelings rather than showing the exact appearance of people or things 2. (n) an abstract painting or design
(n) a public occasion when things are sold to the people who offer the most money for them
(n) a short performance in which you sing, dance or act so that someone can decide if you are good enough to perform in a particular play, concert, etc
(n) a book that many people buy
collector's item
(n phr) a rare or valuable object that collectors want to own
(n) someone whose job is to look after the objects in a museum
fine art
(n phr) objects such as paintings that are created to be looked at because they are beautiful or interesting
(n) a piece of art that consists of several different objects or pictures arranged to produce a particular effect
(n pl) the words that an actor says in a performance
(n pl) the words of a song
(n) an excellent painting, book, piece of music, etc, or the best work of art that a particular artst, writer, musician, etc has ever produced
(n) a book with a cover made of thick paper
1. (adj) typical of a particular historical time 2. (n) a particular time in history
(adj) ver valuable and impossible to replace
(n) a performance of music or poetry
1. (adj) relating to or considering things that happened in the past 2. (n) an exhibition that includes examples of a particular artist's work from their whole career
(n) the music written for a film, play, etc
1. (n) a short funny scene performed within a longer show 2. (n) a drawing made quickly that does not have many details 3. (v) to draw a picture quickly and with few details
work of art
(n phr) 1. something such as a painting or sculpture that is of very high quality 2. something that is made or done in a skilful or attractive way
(adj) not having any value or good qualities, or not useful