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Unit 18 - Health

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(v) to give someone a drug or medical treatment
(v) to take someone into hospital for medical treatment
(n) 1. great pain 2. a strong and unpleasant feeling, especially great worry or sadness
(n) a substance that prevents a poison from having bad effects
(n) a senior doctor in a hospital who is an expert in a particular medical subject
(n) a statement about what disease someone has, based on examining them
(v) to protect someone against a particular disease by injecting a medicine containing a small amount of the disease into them, so that their body becomes immune to it
(n) a painful feeling in a part of the body, often with red skin or swelling
(adj) 1. a part of your body that is numb has no feeling 2. not able to react or to show your emotions, often because of an extreme shock
nursing home
(n phr) an institution where old people live when they are too old or ill to look after themselves without help
(n) the loss of the ability to move your body or a part of it, usually because of an ingry or illness
(n) 1. a thing piece of cloth or plastic that is sticky on one side, and that you put on your skin to cover a cut 2. if a part of someone's body is in plaster, it has a hard cover around it to protect a broken bone
(v) if a doctor prescribes a drug or treatment, they say you should have it
prevent(at)ive medicine
(n phr) medical examinations, treatments, advice, etc intended to prevent illness or discover it before it becomes serious
(n) a doctor's opinion about the way in which a disease or illness is likely to develop
sick leave
(n phr) a period of time during which you do not work because you are ill
side effect
(n phr) an effect of a medicine that is not intended and could be unpleasant
(n) a needle fitted to a plastic tube, used for taking blood from your body or for putting medicine or drugs into it
(n) a substance put into the body, usually by injection, in order to provide protection against a disease
(n) a large room in a hospital with beds for people to stay in