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Unit 16 - Phrasal Verbs

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board up
cover a window or door with wooden boards
close up
lock the doors of a building or business
come out
be removed from something such as clothing or cloth by washing or rubbing; have a particular result or end in a particular way
cut out
remove something from a larger piece by cutting; stop eating something or doing something, especially because it is bad for your health
fix up
clean, repair or decorate something
knock/pull/tear down
destroy a building or wall
pile up
if something piles up or someone piles it up, the amount of it increases a lot
prop up
stop something from falling by putting something under it or against it; help a government, system, organisation, etc continue to exist, especially by providing financial or military support
put in
spend a particular amount of time doing something, or make a particular amount of effort in order to do something
put together
make something by joining all its parts; produce or organize something using many different things; choose people or things to form a team or group
put up
build something such as a wall, fence or house; let someone stay in your house
set up
build a structure or put it in a particular place; make a piece of equipment ready for use
spread out
if people in a group spread out, they move away from one another so that they cover a large area
take down
separate a large structure into pieces; write down information or a statement
water down
add water to a drink or liqid in order to make it less strong, dilute; make something such as a statement or newspaper article less offensive, powerful or detailed
wear down
make something gradually disappear or become thinner by using or rubbing it; make someone gradually lose their enery or confidence