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an act of God
an event such as a flood, lightning or an earthquake that is produced by natural forces, and that people have no control over
come rain or shine
used for saying that something always happens or someone always does something despite bad weather or difficult conditions
down on your luck
having a long period of difficulty finding work and earning money
draw the short straw
be chosen to do something unpleasant
have green fingers
be good at growing plants
let nature take its course
allow something to develop without trying to influence it
no rhyme or reason
used for emphasising that there is no reason or explanation for something
out of the blue
happening in a way that is sudden and unexpected, and does not seem connected with anything that happened before
the luck of the draw
used for saying people have limited control over what life brings them
touch wood
used when you have said that you have had good luck in order to prevent bad luck from happening to you