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Unit 12 - Phrasal Verbs

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chance upon
find or see someone or something when you did not expect to
come across
meet someone or find something by chance
cool down
become cooler, or make something cooler
cut back (on)
reduce the amount of something, especially money that you spend
die out
become weaker or less common and then desappear completely
dig up
remove something from under the ground by digging; dig holes in an area of land; find information by searching carefully
dry up
if something dries up or is dried up, all the water comes out of it; stop being available
get through
use or finish something; manage to deal with a difficult situation or stay alive until it is over; finish dealing with some work, a subject etc
heat up
make something hot; become hot
kill off
destroy living things so that most or all of them are dead
put down to
if you put something down to a particular reason, you think it has happened for that reason
slip up
make a careless mistake
spring up
appear or be produced suddenly and quickly
store up
keep a lot of something so that you can use it later; do something that will cause problems in the future
throw out
get rid of something that you no longer want, someone to leave a place or group; if someone in authority thows out a plan, proposal, etc they refuse to accept it
throw up
produce something new or unexpected; cause something such as dust or water to rise into the air