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big mouth
used as a criticism of someone when they say things they should not
come clean (about something)
tell the truth about something that you have kept secret
get/catch somebody's drift
understand the basic meaning
get something off your chest
talk to someone about something that has been worrying you, so that you feel better about it
get the wrong end of the stick
understand something completely wrongly
give somebody your word
promise to do something
(hear something) on/through the grapevine
the way in which information spreads quickly from one person to another through conversation
keep somebody posted
regularly give someone information about something they are interested in, for example how a situation is changing or developing
keep something under your hat
keep something secret
lay/put your cards on the table
tell people exactly what you are thinking or what you are intending to do
speak volumes
provide a lot of information, especially in an indirect way
tell tales
tell someone in quthority about bad things that someone else has done, because you want them to be punished