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1. (adj) relating to education, especially education in colleges and universities 2. (adj) good at learning things by studying 3. (adj) not relating to a real situation, and therefore not relevant 4. (n) someone who teaches or does research at a college or university
(adj)working hard and being careful to do things well
(v) to study hard in order to learn a lot in a short time, especially for an examination
(n) the subjects that students study at a particular school or college
distance learning
(n phr) a system in which students work at home with the help of television and radio broadcasts and send work to their teachers by post or e-mail
1. (n) someone who has a degree from a university 2. (v) to complete your studies at a university or college, usually by getting a degree
(adj) not knowing something that you should know or need to know
(adj) not giving much attention to someone or something
1. (adj) relating to the ability to think in an intelligent way and to understand things, especially difficult or complecated ideas and subjects 2. (adj) well educated and interested in art, science, literature, etc at an advanced level 3. (n) someone who is well educated and interested in art, science, literature etc at an advanced level
(adj) good at thinking clearly and quickly, at understanding difficult ideas and subjects, and at gaining and using knowledge
(adj) involving a lot of teaching or training in a short time
(adj) knowing a lot about many different subjects or about one particular subject
1. (n) a talk to a group of people about a particular subject, especially at a college or university 2. (v) to give a lecture or a series of lectures
mock exam
(n phr) an examination you take for practice before an important examination
(v) to take someone else's work, ideas or words, and use them as if they were your own
(n) work that you do without the help of a teacher
(n) a class at a college or unversity in which a small group of students discusses a subject with a teacher
special needs
(n phr) the particular needs of people who are physically or mentally disabled
(n) the work that a teacher does when they teach a particular subject, especially to one person or a small group
(n) a lesson in which a small group of students discuss a subject with a tutor, especially at a university or college