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Unit 8 - Movement

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(v) to happen or make something happen at a faster rate
1. (v) to move closer to someone or something 2. (v) to speak to someone about something for the first time, especially in order to ask for help or make an offer 3. (n) a particular way of thinking about or dealing with something 4. (n) the fact of coming closer in time or in distance
(v) to climb a mountain, stairs, etc
1. (v) if a ball or other object bounces, or if you bounce it, it hits a surgace then immediately moves away from it 2. (n) the movement of a ball or other object when it hits a surface and moves away again
(v) to climb something with difficulty, using your hands and feet
(v) if you clench a part of your body such as your hand or your mouth, o if it clenches, you close it tightly, especially because you are angry or upset
(v) to hold someone or something firmly, for example becase are afraid or in pain, or do not want to lose them
(v) to move along the groun on your hands and knees or with you body close to the ground
(v) if someone creeps somewhere, they move there quietly and slowly
(v) to run or go somewhere very quickly because you are in a hurry
(v) to go down a mountain or slope, or to go downstairs
1. (v) to be pushed along very slowly by the movment of air or water 2. (n) a slow and gradual change from one situation or opinion to another 3. (n) the meaning that someone is trying to express
(v) to leave your country in order to live in another country, on a permanent basis
(v) to rest or move slowly on the surface of a liquid and not sink
1. (v) if a liquid flows, it moves smoothly and continuously in one direction 2. (n) the continuous moevement of a liquid in one direction
(v) to try to hold, move or find something using your hands in a way that is not skilful or graceful
1. (v) to make a movement with your hands or head n order to show or tell someone something 2. (n) a movement that communicates a feeling or instruction
(v) to move in a smooth and easy way with no noise
(v) to take hold of something in a rough or rude way
(v) to take and hold something or someone very tightly
1. (v) to move forward by jumping on one foot 2. (n) a quick jump on one foot
(n) someone who comes to live in a country from another country
1. (v) to run at a slow steady spped, usually for exercise or pleasure 2. (n) a run for exercise or pleasure at a slow steady speed
1. (v) to jump over something 2. (n) a jump, especially a long or high one
1. (v) if soldiers march, they walk in a group with each person matching the speed and movements of the others 2. (n) a walk by a group of soldiers in which each person matches the speed and movements of the others
(v) if a bird or animal migrates, it travels to another part of the world for warmer weather at a particular time of the year
(v) to show something by holding out your finger or a long thin object
(v) to hit someone or something with your fist, usually as hard as you can
(n) someone who leaves their country, especially during a war or other threatening event
(v) to move or travel with no particular purpose
(v) to move forward while turning over and over
(v) to move in a circle around a fixed central point, or to move something in this way
(n) the roads or paths that you use when you go from one place to another
(v) to disappear below the surface of the water
1. (v) to slide across the ground in an uncontrolled way 2. (n) a sudden uncontrolled slide across the groun, especially by a vehicle
(v) to move forwards by jumping first on one foot and then the other
1. (v) to move smoothly and quickly across a surface 2. (n) a structure that children play on by climbing up steps and sliding down a slope on the other side
(v) if you slep, your feet slide accidentally and you lose your balance or fall over
1. (v) to move by putting one foot down in front of the other 2. (n) a short movement made by putting one foot in front of the other 3. (n) one of a series of actions you do in order to achieve a particular aim
1. (v) to walk with energy and confidence 2. (n) a long confident step
(v) to hit your foot on something and fall down
(n) the speed that something moves at in one direction
(v) to travel from place to place, especially on foot, without a particular direction or purpose
1. (v) to move your hand to say hello or goodbye or as a signal 2. (n) a movement of your hand used for saying hello or goodbye to someone or for giving a signal