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civil service
(n phr) a country's government departments and the people who work in them
(n) someone who pays for or uses the services of a professional person such as a doctor or lawyer
(n) someone who works in the same organisation or department as you
(n) 1. an expert or a preofessional person whose job is to give help and advice on a particular subject 2. a senior doctor in a hospital who is an expert in a particular medical subject
(adj) someone or something that is effective works well and produces the result that was intended
(adj) someone or seomthing that is efficient works well and produces good reults by sing the available time, money, supplies, etc in the most effective way
(n) a senior manager in a business or other organisation
(v) to make someone leave their job, sometimes as a punishment
(v) to try to persuade someone to leave their job and go to work for another company
(n) a period of time away from your job or the armed forces
(n) the ways in which a company encourages people to buy its products by deciding on price, type of customer and advertising policy
1. (n) a large company that has offices, shops or factories in several countries 2. (adj) a multinational company or business has offices, shops or factories in several countries
private sector
(n phr) all the businesses, undustries and services that are not owned or managed by the government
(n) 1. a move to a higher level in a company, institution or sport 2. the activity of encouragin or supporting something 3. the process of attracting people's attention to a product or event, for example by advertising
(n pl) the possibility that something will happen, especially something good
public sector
(n phr) the industries and services, for example schools and hospitals, that are supported by tax money and controlled by the government of a country
1. (n) a new member of a military force or an organisation, especially someone who has recently joined 2. (v) to get someone to work in a company or join an organisation 3. (v) to get someone to help you do something
(adj) if someone is redendant, they have been told they must leave their job because they are no longer needed
(v) to tell someone they can no longer work at their job
1. (n) a period of time during which people refuse to work, as a protest about pay or conditions of work 2. (v) to refuse to work for a period of time as a protest about your pay or conditions of work
(n) an organisation that represents the workers in a particular industry and tries to improve pay, conditions, etc