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Unit 7: How we celebrate

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recibir regalos
to receive gifts
dar regalos
to give gifts
abrir regalos
to open gifts
ver fuegos artificiales
to see fireworks
reunirse con toda la familia
to get together with the whole family
mandar unas tarjetas
to send some cards
to celebrate
to celebrate (to party)
decorar la casa
to decorate the house
to invite
ir a misa
to go to Mass
ir a la sinagoga
to go to the synagogue
ir al templo
to go to the temple
hacer una fiesta
to throw a party
tener un picnic
to have a picnic
pasar tiempo con
to spend time with
to plan (to think)
I plan to
pensar que
to think that
piensan que
they think that
¿Qué tal estuvo?
How was it?
Estuvo a todo dar.
It was great.