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Ke bire waagande - Greetings during a festival

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Ke bire waaga
Same time next year (to one person)
Amiina, waaga do siina gabo
Amen, next year and many others
Hari na waaga xallen koyi o yi
May we all live until the next celebration
Amiina, baane falle ga fe
Amen, with none of us missing
Xa ke bire waaga
Same time next year (to several people)
A ga na a koyi o yi, a ga nta o fiinun xenpendini a yi
If we are at the next celebration, may it not be our last
Na o sunkeyun dallandi
May we have long evenings together
Hari na an dallandi o yaaxen ŋa
May God make you stay with us for a long time
Hari na an xirisin dokkon banba
May God grant you a long life
Lemine ni an ŋa, hari na an xirisinnaaxu, na an jiidi
Now you are a child, may God let you grow and have your own children
Alla nta an jiidin bonondi, Hari na an funsun xeerin koyi an ŋa
May God not increase your pain, and may God let you see your children be happy