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break in
to enter a place to steal something
break up
to stop a fight or argument
break out
to escape from jail
bring up
to mention or talk about something
call off
give up
to surrender or quit
give off
produce or emit
look for
to search for something
look up
try to find information in a book or online
look up to
respect someone, especially someone older
look after
to take care of
run into
to meet someone by chance
run out of
no longer having any left, all out
run off
to escape
knowledgeable (adj)
knowing a lot about something
put up with
to endure, stand or take something negative
put off
save work for late, to avoid doing something
pass up
not take a chance or opportunity
pass out
to distribute or give (also to faint)
set out
to start a journey
set up
to assemble, install, or make for first use
set aside
save something to use or do later
take after
to look or act like someone else
keep up
move or progress at the same speed as others
get along
to have a good relationship with someone
get up
to wake up
get over
recover from illness or bad experience
make (something) up
to invent or create a story, lie, or plan
fall behind
to be slower than others