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Four Noble Truths 1
Dukkha exists
Four Noble Truths 2
Dukkha has a cause/origin
Four Noble Truths 3
Dukkha has an end/cessation
Four Noble Truths 4
There is a path leading to the cessation of Dukkha
Eightfold Path 1
Right view/understanding (samma-ditthi)
Eightfold Path 2
Right intention/resolve (samma-sankappa)
Eightfold Path 3
Right speech (samma-vaca)
Eightfold Path 4
Right action (samma-kammanta)
Eightfold Path 5
Right Livelihood (sammá-ájíva)
Eightfold Path 6
Right Effort (samma-vayama)
Eightfold Path 7
Right Mindfulness (samma-sati)
Eightfold Path 8
Right Concentration (samma-samadhi)
Eightfold Path 1-2
Wisdom/Discernment (panna)
Eightfold Path 3-5
Virtue (sila)
Eightfold Path 7-8
Concentration/Meditation (samadhi)
First Refuge
The Buddha
Second Refuge
The Dhamma
Third Refuge
The Sangha