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American Football

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Line of Scrimmage
The imaginary line showing the offensive position on the field. Each play begins from this line and is where the ball is snapped.
Goal Line
The line that must be crossed to get into the end zone for a touchdown (to score)
When the offense runs or passes the football into the end zone. This is worth 6 points
When the Quarterback gives the ball to the runningback during a running play
A loss of possession of the football. When the offense fails to score or get a first down, or the ball is intercepted, the defense gains possession of the ball.
When the offense and/or defense gatherseparately on the field to call a play or discuss strategies.
The person that throws or passes the football to other players on the team. He is the leader and tells the other players where they should go.
Wide Reciever
A player responsible for running different routes to try and get open for a pass from the quarterback
The player responsible for starting the play by passing the ball through his legs, backwards to the quarterback.
The word used by the quarterback to start play
A player who starts by standing beside the quarterback. They are responsible for running the football down the field after recieving a handoff from the QB
Snap count
The time the quarterback waits to start the play before yelling "hut." The QB will tell his teammates during the huddle.
A passing route where you run up the field as fast as you can, then turn toward the quarterback so receive the pass.
A passing route where you keep running down the field fast, trying to out run your defender
A pre-planned runningpath where an offensive player will go during a specific play. This includes the distance, angle and direction so that the QB knows where to throw or pass the ball
Taking the ball carriers glag off when they have the ball. This results in the end of the play.
The pass that the center makes between his legs to the Quarterback to start a play
Flag Belt
The equipment we wear around our waist which holds two flag. One on each side of our body
To pretend to throw a pass or hand off to another player. This is used to try and trick the defensive team
The amount of plays a team gets before they lose the ball to the other team. 3 downs in flag football
When the defensive team catches the ball in the air thrown by the opposing Quarterback
The scoring area in football. A player scores 6 points if they run into or catch a pass in this area
Running Play
A play designed to give the ball to the Runningback by using a handoff from the quarterback