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seeing red
being very angry
green with envy
wanting something that someone else has
feeling blue
feeling sad
coward/ not brave
tickled pink
very happy
see eye to eye
put one ́s foot in one ́s mouth
to say somthing embarrasing and the realize it was bad
to stay on one´s toes
being ready or prepared for something
lend/give someone a hand
help someone with something
be in over one´s head
be in a situation that is very difficult
keep one´s fingers crossed
hope for something good to happen
get cold feet
get nevous about something
have one´heart set on something
really want something
clever as a fox
to be smart
busy as a bee
busy and working all the time
stubborn like a mule
wanting to do something my way
strong as a bear
stronger that anyone else
quiet as a mouse
someone who says nothing
free as a bird
you can do what ever you want
hungry as a horse
really hungry
devoted as a dog
someone you can always count on
quick as a rabbit
very fast
fat as a pig
really heavy person
To feel in one´s heart of heart
in a persons deepest feelings
take it to heart
worry about something
from the bottom of one´s heart
to really mean what you say sincerly
warm feelings
with all one´s heart
to get to the heart of something
to find out the real reason for something
break down (feeling)
get upset
to have a heart of gold
to be very kind
to have a heart of stone
to be very unkind
heart to heart
have a private conversation
dressed to kill
have on your best clothes
in one´s shoes
to be in another persons situation
to roll up one´s sleeves
prepare to do hard work
to tighten one´s belt
to spend less money
on a shoesstring
on a budget with very little money
birthday suit