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ex. verb (Garyo - did) (Past Tense)

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verb stem + past ending
general rule for past tense (ex. gar (verb stem of garnu) + e or yo = gare, garyo)
ma gare
I did
timi garyau
you (singular, familiar) did
timiharu garyau
you (plural, familiar) did
hamiharu garyau
we did
uni garyo
he/she did
uniharu gare
they (familiar) did
tyo garyo
that/it did
yo garyo
this/it did
ma garina
I did not
timi gardainau
you (singular, familiar) did not
timiharu gardainau
you (plural, familiar) did not
uni garina
he/she (familiar) did not
uniharu garenan
they (familiar) did not
tyo gardaina
that/it did not
yo gardaina
this/it did not
tapaai garnubhayo
you (single, polite) did
tapaaiharu garnubhayo
you (plural, polite) did
wahaa garnubhayo
he/she (polite) did
wahaaharu garnubhayo
they (polite) did
tapaai garnubhaena
you (singular, polite) did not
tapaaiharu garnubhaena
you (plural, familiar) did not
wahaa garnubhaena
he/she (polite) did not
wahaaharu garnubhaena
they (polite) will not