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yes, there is...(emphasizing existence when being asked)
ma chu
I am (existence)
timi chau
YOU (singular, familiar) ARE (existence)
timiharu chau
YOU (plural, familiar) ARE (existence)
uni cha
HE/SHE (familiar) IS (existence)
uniharu chan
THEY (familiar) ARE (existence)
hamiharu chau
WE ARE (existence)
tyo cha
THAT IS (existence)
yo cha
THIS IS (existence)
added to make a word NEGATIVE
ma chaina
I AM NOT (existence)
timi chainau
YOU (singular, familiar) ARE NOT (existence)
timiharu chainau
YOU (plural, familiar) ARE NOT (existence)
uni chaina
HE/SHE (familiar) IS NOT (existence)
uniharu chainan
THEY (familiar) ARE NOT (existence)
hamiharu chainau
WE ARE NOT (existence)
tyo chaina
that is not (existence)
yo chaina
this is not (existence)