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Farmers work on farms.
A driver drives people.
A journalist reports the news.
Writers write stories.
A waitress works in a cafe.
A teacher teaches students.
A manager manages staff.
An assistant helps someone.
A businessman works in a company.
An accountant works with money.
A doctor helps sick people.
A nurse cares for sick people.
Surgeons work in hospitals.
A dentist looks after teeth.
Electricians fix electrical things.
A mechanic fixes cars.
An architect designs buildings.
Lawyers work in courts.
Engineers build things.
A soldier fights in wars.
Police officers protect people.
A firefighter puts out fires.
A plumber can fix a washing machine.
Fashion designers design clothes.
An IT consultant can fix your computer.
Motorcycle couriers deliver mail.
A foreign correspondent reports on news abroad.
A personal trainer helps people to be healthy.