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bring out (1)
produce a new product and start to sell it
bring out (2)
make a particular detail, quality or feeling more noticeable
pull back
Withdraw or retreat from an activity or location, esp. military
hang on
same as hold on
build up
increase or cause sth to increase, accumulate, or strengthen, especially progressively
throw out (1)
refuse to accept or consider
throw out (2)
to force someone to leave a place or group
hang out
spend time relaxing or enjoying oneself
put on (1)
start wearing sth
put on (weight) (2)
gain weight
get down (to) (1)
begin to pay serious attention to sth
get down (2)
lower one’s body as by kneeling, sitting or lying (not go down)
get down (3)
make someone feel sad or lose hope
come over
come to a place or area (spot, room, town, country), esp. towards sb or to join sb
move in (1)
start living in a different house or flat
move in (2)
go towards sb/sth, esp. to attack or take control of them