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line up
to form a row, or to put people or things in a row
take back (1)
return something that you have bought to the shops because it is broken or not suitable
take back (2)
accept someone again after they have left a relationship, job etc and want to return to it
lay out (1)
explain something carefully and clearly
lay out (2)
spread something out, or to arrange things so you can see them easily
go over (1)
move towards a place or person, esp. by crossing an area (room, city, country)
go over (2)
examine or discuss each part of sth in detail in order to understand or remember it better, or make sure it is correct
hang up
stop using the telephone at the end of a conversation
go through (1)
experience sth difficult or unpleasant
go through (2)
be officially accepted or approved
hold on (1)
refuse to let go of sth
hold on (2)
wait for a short time
pay off (1)
pay the complete amount of sth
pay off (2)
yield good results; succeed
hold out (1)
move one’s hand, or an object in one’s hand, forward , or towards sb, in order to give, or take sth
hold out (2)
express a thought that something is likely to happen or succeed (or not, if in negative)
break up (1)
end a relationship
break up (2)
divide into smaller parts or components (not break down)