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cut off (1)
remove sth by cutting it
cut off (2)
prevent sb from continuing what they are saying
cut off (3)
stop supply, money, etc
turn back
return the same way that you came instead of continuing on your journey, or to make someone do this
pull up (1)
stop or cause a vehicle to stop
pull up (2)
move a seat near to where someone is sitting, and sit on it
set out (1)
start doing or working on sth, esp. with a particular goal in mind
set out (2)
start a journey
set out (3)
explain or present sth clearly, esp. officially and in writing
clean up (1)
remove dirt, mess, pollution, or chemical substances in a place or area
clean up (2)
make sth free from dangerous, unacceptable or controversial activities or contents
shut down
stop (or make sth stop) working or operating (machine, computer, business, strategy)
turn over (1)
surrender possession or control to sb/sth (esp. in authority)
turn over (2)
change position so that the other side is facing towards the outside or the top, or another direction
slow down
move, proceed or progress at a slower pace (vehicle, economy)
wind up
be in a particular situation, condition or place, esp. an unpleasant one, not because you choose to, but because of other things that have happened (not end up)
turn up (1)
produce; be (or make sth be) found, discovered, or noticed
turn up (2)
increase the volume or level of sth
turn up (3)
arrive or make an appearance somewhere