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put out (1)
make sth known or accessible to the public
put out (2)
stop sth from burning
put out (3)
put sth somewhere in order for it to be seen or used
look around
walk around somewhere to see what is there
catch up (be/get caught up ) (1)
to become unexpectedly involved in an unpleasant or annoying situation
catch up (2)
go faster so that you reach the person or vehicle in front of you
catch up (3)
reach the same level or standard as sb or sth that is more advanced
go in
enter (not come in)
break down (1)
stop working or functioning; fail or collapse (vehicle, device, relationship, negotiations)
break down (2)
divide or separate into categories or smaller components (not break up)
break down (3)
to start crying, especially in public
break down (4)
undergo chemical decomposition; separate into different substances
get off (1)
leave (train, bus, aircraft, lift)
get off (2)
begin something in a certain way
get off (3)
manage to avoid serious trouble or consequences
keep up (1)
move, progress or increase at the same rate or pace as sb or sth
keep up (2)
continue to do sth, maintain
put down (1)
place sth/sb on the floor or on a flat surface
put down (2)
criticise sb, or make them feel stupid
reach out (1)
stretch an arm in order to hold, touch, or get sth that is within short distance
reach out (to) (2)
make an effort to address or communicate with sb, so as to help them or involve them in sth
go off (1)
leave a place, especially for a particular purpose (not go out)
go off (2)
start making a noise as a signal or warning
go off (3)
explode, or be fired (not blow up or set off)