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figure out
be able to understand something or to solve a problem
sit down
move from a standing position to a sitting position
get up
get out of bed from lying or to rise from a lower position
take out (1)
remove sth from somewhere (not pull out)
take out (2)
invite sb to a place like a cinema or a restaurant and usually pay for them
take out (3)
obtain an official document or service from an authority
come on (1)
to encourage sb to try harder, or do or say sth
come on (2)
used to show SB disbelief, disagreement, or anger
go down (1)
move down to a lower level or position (not come down or get down)
go down (2)
decrease in value or amount (not come down)
go down (3)
go from one place to another, esp. one that is further south or underneath
show up
arrive in a place where people are expecting you
take off (1)
remove something, especially a piece of clothing
take off (2)
leave a place, especially suddenly
take off (3)
leave the ground and rise into the air
work out (1)
plan, devise or think about sth carefully or in detail
work out (2)
do physical exercise as a way of keeping fit
work out (3)
happen or develop in a particular way
stand up (1)
put your body into an upright position from a sitting or lying position
stand up (2)
to defend or support a particular idea or a person