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set up (1)
create sth or start it
set up (2)
arrange for sth to happen
turn out
happen in a particular way (not work out)
get out
leave (not go out or go off or come out)
come in (1)
enter (not go in)
come in (2)
take part in a discussion
take on (1)
accept some work or responsibility
take on (2)
begin to have a particular quality, appearance, etc.
give up
stop doing or having sth; abandon
make up (1)
combine to form
make up (2)
replace or compensate
make up (3)
make a decision
end up
to find yourself in a place or situation that you did not intend or expect to be in (not wind up)
get back
return (not come back or go back)
look up (1)
raise one’s eyes
look up (2)
find information (not look for)