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fill in (1)
add or put in (whatever is needed to make something complete)
fill in (2)
do another person’s job temporarily
fill in (3)
give sb all the necessary information
give out (1)
give sth, usually to several people
give out (2)
stop working, come to an end
give in
yield; to stop fighting and admit defeat
go along (1)
progress or proceed with an activity
go along (2)
act in cooperation or express agreement
break off (1)
stop speaking suddenly
break off (2)
end a relationship, discussion, etc
put off (1)
delay doing something, especially because you do not want to do it
put off (2)
make someone not want/like something
come about
happen, especially by chance
close down
stop operating or functioning
put in (1)
invest sth such as time or effort to achieve sth
put in (2)
make an official request, claim, offer etc
set about
begin doing something, especially in a determined or enthusiastic way