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move out
leave one’s place of residence permanently
come off (1)
become detached or removed from a larger whole
come off (2)
stop taking something such as a medicine or drug
pass on (1)
circulate or communicate
pass on (2)
transmit from generation to generation
take in (1)
allow someone to stay in your house or your country
take in (2)
fully understand or grasp the meaning of sth
take in (3)
deceive by behaving in a dishonest way
set down
state officially how something should be done
sort out (1)
do what is needed to solve a problem, conflict or difficult situation
sort out (2)
find out information so as to understand sth
follow up (1)
do sth in addition to what you have already done, in order to be certain of achieving your aim
follow up (2)
find out more information about sth
come through (1)
be clearly perceived, noticed or seen (feeling, emotion, quality)
come through (2)
be still alive, working, or making progress after a difficult or dangerous experience
settle down (1)
begin to live a quieter life by getting married or staying permanently in a place
settle down (2)
become calmer, quieter, more orderly
settle down (3)
get into a comfortable position
come around (1)
go to a place where someone is, especially their house, in order to visit them (not go around)
come around (2)
convert to an opinion or decision